Monday, July 20, 2015

Bread and Butter

I learned it as a child. Whenever I walk through two or more people having a conversation, or when someone walks between me and a companion, I have to say “bread and butter.” I still do it. And here’s why.

Remember the scene in Ghost when Patrick Swayze’s character steps through a solid wall for the first time, or any scene in Harry Potter when he is transported through walls or across space? They have disrupted the energy of the universe. And so, when they arrive at their destination, they shake themselves off, because it’s an uncomfortable feeling stepping through energy.

That’s how I feel when I am forced to walk between two people who are connected to each other in some way. I am entering their energy field, and I don’t want to. After I am safely through, I shake off the feeling and say “bread and butter,” as if that will clear away any remaining negative energy. I will do almost anything to avoid being in the center, but, I have noticed, many people force me into cutting between them.

It’s a crowded street, and instead of stepping to the side, so we can pass each other comfortably, they hold their ground, continue their conversation and walk around me, one on each side. Sometimes their energy is clearly angry, they are having a heated discussion, and I don’t exist for them, but there is a tangible energy running between them, and I can feel it.